Blackjack odds

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Black jack online is your good chance to understand the game better because the rules and strategies differ a bit here: choose the best black jack games for yourself to try and be a real pro of them!

The first and foremost thing you have to know about blackjack is blackjack odds. It doesn’t matter whether you play blackjack online or at casino, the odds are the same. With only 52 cards in a deck it isn’t so hard to count them and foresee the dealer’s hand, is it? Well, the things are a bit harder than that, as there are 4-8 decks on each table, meaning the total amount of cards on a table is 208-416. It surely complicates the calculations. Now we’re getting to the major question you should have in mind – what are the odds of winning blackjack.

Out of 52 cards 16 have a value of 10 points. Therefore, 30% of cards on each table are 10s and it is of great help when counting the possibility to win the round. Obviously, no one knows the exact order of cards after shuffling (which is the point, isn’t it?), so it only means that each card in a deck has a possibility (30%) to be of 10-point value. With the course of the game the chances of each next card to have a value of 10 points grows a bit. This is the main reason the blackjack odds should be memorized and put to use.

The other part of this question is the calculation of player’s chances. It has to be mentioned, that the dealer’s advantage is about 8%, as he is the last to act in a game. Studying and applying the blackjack strategy will decrease this advantage to merely 0.5%! Additional advantage is to learn card counting strategy, but it’s really complicated, so new players should rather begin with studying blackjack strategy and memorizing blackjack odds.

Player’s odds

Now let’s see how you can use this knowledge to win at blackjack. Every time you hit (ask for additional card) you can bust (exceed 21 point). The odds of this depend on your “hands”. Obviously at 21 you shall always bust and at 11 or less you shall never bust. In case you have more than 11 in hand the probability of busting goes higher depending on your score at the moment. The bigger your cards – the higher is the probability of busting.

For instance, when you have 12 in hand the chance of busting is 31%. When you have 16 – it is 62%. At 20 points there’s only 8% chance not to bust.

The chance to get a “blackjack” naturally is only 4.83%.

As with most games the key to winning is attentive studying and lots of practice. Everything depends on you!