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We are glad to welcome you at our site! Here you will find lots of useful information on how to play blackjack, how to win, how to choose a perfect casino for blackjack gaming and of course - guide to best blackjack books.

Blackjack is a game for players who know just what they want and are ready to be risking big. Most of the players are eager to learn the rules before playing, and that is understandable. Blackjack game is not a simple one - it demands thorough knowledge of rules and probabilities before playing. Still, once you know it all you will triple your chances of winning big.


Everything about the Best Blackjack Books

Greetings! You are at the biggest online blackjack library where you are welcome to read the reviews of all best blackjack live books and learn the information concerning their authors! No matter which field of activity you choose, books will always be your guide to deep comprehension and understanding. With blackjack games this rule also works, as knowledge of the game rules and strategies can lead you to the winning in blackjack.

Lots of gambler wonder, how they can become successful player in traditional and online gambling. In fact, the answer is quite simple. If you want to play blackjack like a real professional you should get acquainted with all the strategies, myths and useful tips investigated by the best blackjack players. But of course, it will not be enough just to read, as practice is very important.

Still, without knowing some basic details of the game you will not be able to play it. All this information you can find at the blackjack featured books, written nor only by the masters of the word, but by the masters of blackjack games. You will also find information about the best places to play real money online blackjack. Make use of some modern gambling guides, as their contain information about playing games at online casinos. There are some peculiarities you should know not to spoil your online gambling.

When you know the principles of successful gambling and know how to choose a casino for playing there, you can say that you are a half of winner. But of course, you need to pay some more efforts to make the result perfect for you. You can do that when you visit jackpot city casino canada, gambling house which welcomes all new players with good bonuses and provides good software for playing casino games. You are going to find here all of the popular games to play, but we recommend to pay attention to the blackjack offers, they are really great there.

In these guides you will find everything you should know about online games. Probably you know, that there are three types of blackjack gambling online, and you must distinguish them – playing at traditional download casinos, flash online casinos and gambling at the top of the casino for mobile phones. The information on them will surely help you to choose the best place to play at!

If it is your first time when you choose the casino to play, it can be pretty difficult to make the decision following the advices only. Perhaps you will need the list of the best casinos or even some clear directions. If you feel that you cannot decide by yourself, we would recommend you to go at goldencherry casino. This place has good reputation among the gambles and has a good system of support for new players. When you start to play here, you receive not only all necessary directions on how to act at the casino, but also bonuses for playing.

As you know, there are a lot of different casinos games, such as poker, slots, sci bo, craps, but Black jack games are the most popular ones among those, who prefer to play games of skills. All of them are available at any popular and respected online casino. Blackjack is not as easy to play as it seems to be that is why blackjack books were written by real gurus and experts of this game for you to understand all its aspects clearly. Here you will find the full reviews of books written by the Blackjack Hall of Fame's members, the MIT team members and other blackjack specialists who made a lot of its development.

Having read some of the blackjack books, you will have a good time playing at online casinos. While some of them are international, it is still best to play at a casino based in your country, such as online casino UK if you are from United Kingdom, US casinos if you are from USA, or South African casino if you are from this region. Using casino bonuses you can play with casino money and sometimes you can play blackjack even for free – choosing an instant game version.

If you want to practice you game skills, choose free to play casinos that allow you to try all of the games. But for incomes, go to online casino where you can play for money. Choose reliable place to play! This is because the website should give you a feel for real Vegas casino atmosphere, and protection as well.

if you want some really good place right now, go to Platinum Play casino. This casino provides all necessary services for all players – you will find not only bonuses for different types of players, such as new players and high roller, but also good weekly and monthly promotions. Moreover, you will be able to contact with support team any moment you need it – the casino offers 24-7 support. In addition, every visit to is a different experience.

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In spite of the fact, that online blackjack and traditional blackjack differ a little bit, game rules and strategies are almost the same. So, even if you do not like to play at traditional casino, but prefer black jack online, you can find the best blackjack book for yourself to read here and get to know all the information, concerning not only blackjack basic moments, but also about blackjack history, the most famous blackjack winners, blackjack movies etc. You will also find the information about blackjack game variations, which are players all over the world and of course, about the best blackjack games online which are offered by any blackjack casino.


Hall of Fame Members Books

The Blackjack Hall of Fame welcomes the most significant blackjack authorities who made a lot for this game's development. Most of them are gambling authors who revealed the secrets of blackjack in their books.

You are welcome to read the reviews of these blackjack books!

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Blackjack Odds

The first and foremost thing you have to know about blackjack is blackjack odds. It doesn’t matter whether you play blackjack online or at casino, the odds are the same. With only 52 cards in a deck it isn’t so hard to count them and foresee the dealer’s hand, is it?

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Famous Blackjack Books

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Thanks to its enormous popularity, blackjack card game was fully described in many books written by experienced players and real experts of this game: various aspects of blackjack were shown for you to understand the game better.

You are welcome to choose the best blackjack book for yourself!

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Books by the famous MIT team members

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The MIT Blackjack Team was the group of former MIT students who used blackjack team play and card counting strategy; they were a real nightmare of all Las Vegas casinos in 1990s.

The MIT team members wrote some blackjack books where discribed their experience; you are welcome to read them!

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Famous Authors

Edward Thorp

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Edward Thorp is considered to be the father of card counting because he was the first who explained the main principles of this blackjack strategy.

Arnold Snyder

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Arnold Snyder is the skillful mathematician, the author of some bestselling blackjack books and the creator and developer of some blackjack strategies.

Frank Scobete

Image 3

Frank Scoblete is the gambling authority, the writer who reveals the secrets of all casino games for readers: blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette...

Stanford Wong

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Stanford Wong is the member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and the author of really useful blackjack books which reveal all the secrets of this game of skills.

Beat The Dealer

Beat the Dealer - the book of famous gambling author Edward Thorp who revealed the secrets of card counting for all average blackjack players; he has done it in 1962 when the book was published.

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The Big Player

Do not miss your chance to discover everything concerning blackjack team play: read the book of Ken Uston where he tells about the principles of blackjack team work.

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